Saturday, April 28, 2012

TTM Successes

Since I haven't done one of these posts in quite some time, here are some recent and semi-recent TTM requests that former O's have been nice enough to sign and send back to me. I prefer my Orioles autographs personalized if at all possible, so I consider these to be upgrades over unpersonalized cards. 

As you can probably will be able to tell, I am mostly focusing on Orioles players from the early years of the team and am (very) slowly working towards the more recent guys. 

And if anyone out there cares, I will include their Oriole debut number and the date of their first game in Baltimore. 

Neil Berry #30 5/6/54

 Fred Besana #85 4/18/56

Leo Burke #131 9/7/58

 Joe Durham #37 9/10/54

 Bob Hale #68 7/4/55

Bob Kuzava #35 8/11/54 

 Tito Landrum #384 8/31/83

Don Larsen #5 4/13/54 

 Eddie Robinson #116 9/2/57

Art Schallock #59 5/12/55

 Hal Smith #42 4/11/55

 Wally Westlake #64 6/22/55

George Zuverink #70 7/17/55


Kirk Jacobson said...

Tito landrum-how did you pull that one off? I have tried him multiple times. Do you have the address you used? Nicely done by the way.

Ryan H said...

Great autographs! It's nice to see some older Oriole graphs!

zman40 said...

I love seeing a bunch of personalized Crown cards at one time. It is always interesting to see the different strategies used to get the personalization and signature wrapped around the huge facial shot on the smaller card. My favorite from this lot has to be Joe Durham's as he completely avoided his face.

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks guys!

And Kirk- I screwed up by including Tito. That one was actually obtained via a private signing.

Zach- It is very cool to see how the guys handle it. Some sign right over their faces, but many try to avoid it.