Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Dwight Smith

When I struggle to think of something to write, I generally check to see if any former Orioles are celebrating a  birthday. And today happens to be Dwight Smith's 48th birthday, so happy birthday Dwight.

It took me a long time to track down Dwight's autograph on an Orioles card. I picked up a signed Cubs card of his back at the 2010 National in Baltimore, and finding signed Cubs' cards of Dwight is relatively easy, but he played for the Orioles late in his career and was only featured on four cards in an Orioles uniform, so the challenge was much greater. Luckily, a fellow SCN user let me know he had this autograph available and we were able to work out a trade. If anyone is looking for Dwight's autograph on a Cubs card, mine is now available for trade. 

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Billy said...

I just got outbid on that same card signed by Smith on eBay a couple weeks ago. Oh well, there's more than likely more than 2 around somewhere!