Friday, November 25, 2011

Unpossible Autograph Friday- Hoot Evers

While I was going through my autographs for yesterday's Thanksgiving posts, I was looking for a name that I could tie-in with turkey, like duck or chicken. And then I decided to appropriately roast Sidney Ponson as the turkey I've always heard that he was during his time in Baltimore. 

Walter "Hoot" Evers name did jump out at me however for it's connection with Hoot & Owl. I dunno, it's a bit of a stretch but it works for me. Hoot earned his nickname due to his childhood love of cowboy movies, specifically ones that starred Hoot Gibson. So my bird connection is very thing, but whatever, I'm going to run with it.

Hoot played in the Majors between 1941-56 and had a very interestesting start to his career. He played in one game for the '41 Tigers before the start of WWII and spent the next four years in the Army Air Corps. After the war ended, he returned to the Tigers and spent the next six plus seasons in Detroit, and had the most success of his career that was highlighted by All-Star appearances in 1948 & '50. The second half of Hoot's career saw him bounce around from Boston, to New York, back to Detroit, on to Baltimore, to Cleveland, and he ended his career back in Baltimore in 1956. He played in 108 games for the O's during his parts of two seasons in Birdland but wasn't able to match the success he had at the start of his career.

After his playing career was over, Hoot stayed around the game and spent time in the Indians and Tigers front offices. Hoot passed away in January 1991, likely of complications from a recent heart attack. He was 69 years old. RIP Hoot and thanks for your service. 

Another reason I chose to highlight Hoot today is that I recently figured out that he passed away before his only Orioles card, this card from the Crown set, was ever released, so he obviously never signed the card, hence making my above Tigers autograph a permanent addition to my collection. I don't know why it took my so long to put that all together, but what can I say? I was pleased to officially scratch Hoot's name off of my need list.

Also, I have to say that every time I see this card, I'm reminded of Will Ferrell's impression of Harry Caray from Saturday Night Live. Tell me that you can't see it....

I guess it's mainly the chin/neck/mouth area, but I will always tie these together.


Ryan H said...

That Harry Caray skit was such a "hoot"! I remember watching it when it first aired after the 97 world series.

"Hey Norm, have you ever been face to face with a Marlin???"

Orioles Magic said...

Haha, oh yeah it was. I know that Ferrell did it a few times over the years on the show.

And nice usage of Hoot!