Thursday, November 10, 2011

Looking for Darren O'Day Cards

Last week, the O's yet again dipped into the Rangers organization when they selected pitcher Darren O'Day off of waivers. I'm pretty excited because O'Day is a submarine style pitcher, which is absolutely my favorite thing to see in a baseball game. I hope the Orioles keep Clay Rapada around so that the two can form an amazing righty/lefty sidearm duo of confusion. And yes, I miss Chad Bradford.

I found this amazing picture combination on Boston Wolverine's Flickr page. Can't wait to see this in person.

Well, the point of this post is that I need some of Darren's cards to get signed. In addition to a few random minor league issues, his only cards in major release sets are in Upper Deck's 2008 & 2010 sets. So if anyone has any extras of his cards around, please let me know and we can work out a trade. Thanks in advance!

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