Monday, November 28, 2011

Oriole #817- Tike Redman

About two years ago I wrote a post about Tike, and not too much has changed with him since then, but I have upgraded my autographs of him and want to show them off. Back then, I was not writing specific Orioles debut posts, so I want to make sure that Tike gets his due as well. 

To fill some gaps in my collection, I recently picked up a small batch of signed 8x10s that show players in an Orioles uniform who were never included as an Oriole in a card set. Tike was one of those, and I would guess this picture is from Tike's time with the Orioles during Spring Training in 2008.

Tike's inclusion in the 2007 AAA Norfolk Tides team set is the closest he got to being pictured on a card as an Oriole, so this card is also a part of my collection.

It appears that Tike has played mostly in the Mexican League over the past two seasons, but he hasn't hung up his spikes just yet. Good luck with everything Tike.

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