Thursday, January 26, 2012

FanFest Leftovers

I've already shared all of my in-person autographs as well as my pictures from FanFest, but still have to show off a few additional items that didn't fit into those categories.

Prior to the event, I had worked out a 50/50 with fellow autograph collector Craig. He and I have traded a few items over the past year through the mail but this was the first time we met in person. He was a really nice guy and it was a pleasure meeting him. Anyway, he agreed to help me out with O's reliever, Darren O'Day, who was a late addition to an early sold-out session that I didn't have a ticket for, since he didn't have anything for O'Day to sign. In exchange, I agreed to help him with J.J. Hardy since I already have him on an O's card and didn't need an upgrade.

Here is my awesome O'Day autograph. He's a sidewinding pitcher, which is my favorite kind to watch. If he, Clay Rapada, and Zach Phillips all make the team (which I know is unlikely) I'm in for some serious sidearm viewing.

Once again, I met up with Ryan who writes, O No Another Orioles Blog, and we swapped some unsigned O's cards. He hooked me up with some of his 2011 O's doubles, while I handed off a number of older O's cards. 

The highlight for me was this gold bordered 2011 Bowman Vlad Guerrero, which filled a hole in my budding Vlad Orioles card collection.

Last up was a lucky find for my coaches/managers collection. One of the very few card vendors had a small box of signed 8x10s that I decided to flip through for no particular reason. I lucked out, because tucked in between 2 of the signed pictures was this autographed Leo Mazzone Orioles postcard.

Mazzone is a good TTM signer so I had been trying to find an unsigned O's postcard to send his way but wasn't having any luck. But honestly, finding this already signed copy makes things easier in the end.

I hope that you enjoyed my FanFest wrap-up posts. I know that I have enjoyed reading what everyone else has wrote about the event!


Justin McLeod said...

O'Day is one of my faves!

Craig said...

Pleasure to help you out with O'Day...great Mazzone find! He was always a tough sig based on my experiences with him. Great job at fanfest!

Anonymous said...

which player do ou need now because i see ur at 909/910

Orioles Magic said...

Pfan- I'm definitely excited for O'Day.

Craig- Even better!

Anon- Looking for Bert Hamric to finish off the collection!