Thursday, January 19, 2012

Orioles Announce 2012 Promo Schedule

I'm not trying to be a corporate shill for the Orioles, but I always get excited when the team releases it's promo schedule for the upcoming season, and this year is no exception. The highlights for me this year are the Fan's Choice Bobblehead (I'm intrigued to see who the options are and how/when the voting will take place), the monthly replica sculpture giveaways of all the Hall of Fame Orioles, and the Matt Wieters orange (orange uni!!) replica jersey. 

What are you excited about? 


Dodgerbobble said...

I was kinda hoping to see a Brooks Robinson or Jim Palmer bobblehead. Interesting that they're only doing one bobble this year.

Billy said...

Without repeating prior bobbles, it's gonna be slim pickings for the next candidate. They can only do Jones & Markakis bobbles so many times.

Orioles Magic said...

DB- While you know that I would still want more if they did 5 bobbles every year, I'm excited that the 1 bobble should at least be of a popular player. If they had done this last year, I think Vlad might have gotten an Orioles bobble.

Billy- I was thinking the same thing. Probably the best options who haven't already been bobbled are Hardy, Britton, Reynolds, or Arrieta. And maybe Prince Fielder...wishful thinking, I know.

Matthew said...

I'm psyched for the Oriole Park 20th Anniversary Tumbler, especially because they'll be giving it away on my birthday.

The floppy hat this year looks pretty great, too, but those never fit my big melon.