Saturday, January 14, 2012

Orioles Bobblehead/Figure of the Week- Cal Ripken Jr. McFarlane

As some of you may know, most weeks I try to show off an Orioles bobblehead or figure each Saturday. Many weeks I don't find the time to post something, but this week I'm coming through for you!

A few days after Christmas, I discovered a large box on my front door step. I hadn't purchased anything online, so I immediately got excited about what it could be. I recognized the return address name on the box, but wasn't expecting anything from this person, so I had no idea what I might find inside. It was a bunch of Random Baseball Stuff from Paul. (See what I did there?) 

Paul sent me a bunch of Orioles cards and a huge stack of Vladimir Guerrero cards, which I stupidly forgot to scan or at least take a picture of before filing them away. My bad. But suffice it to say, they are greatly appreciated. 

The highlight of the box was this great McFarlane Cal Ripken Jr., which I haven't decided if I want to take out of the box yet. So here are some pictures of it in the box. 



As you can see, it's pretty realistic, especially compared to some of the bobbleheads I've seen of Cal. 

Here's a picture of what it would look like out of the packaging, along with images of the rest of the Hall of Famers in the series. 

I'm a big fan of these McFarlane figures (Cal joins 2-3 others around our house) and I can't thank Paul enough for his kindness. Go check out his interesting musings about the Mets, baseball cards, and whatever else he wants to write about at Paul's Random Baseball Stuff


Paul Hadsall said...

I'm glad you liked the Cal Ripken figure and the assorted baseball cards. :-)

Orioles Magic said...

They were great! Thank you so much.