Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oriole #757- Keith Reed

Keith was one of the Orioles seven (7!) first round draft picks in 1999 draft and as the 23rd overall pick was the team's fourth selection in the round. The sad part is that only three of those seven players even made it to the Majors, highlighted by Brian Roberts, who was the O's 7th selection, overall the 50th pick in the round.

Reed was unable to live up to those early expectations and appeared in just six games for the Orioles. He made his debut on May 11, 2005 and played in his final MLB game only one week later on May 18th. He started just one of those games and was mainly used as a pinch-runner and late inning defensive replacement. His MLB stat line will forever be one hit in five at-bats.

Keith was out of the Orioles system after the 2006 season and spent his last two years playing in the independent Atlantic League.

We hardly knew you, Keith, and I hope that you're finding success off of the playing field.


Ryan H said...

I'm continually puzzled as to why he didn't get more of a chance to stick in the majors. Why spend years developing him in the minors just to basically give him no chance to succeed?

Orioles Magic said...

I totally agree, after all that time, why not see what he does for at least a few months?

unclemoe said...

He was their # 1 rated prospect for awhile too. I've got a stack of his cards somewhere.