Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Overdue Christmas Thank You

I've somehow neglected to display all of the autographs I received for Christmas, so it seems like I better do it now that as it's already been two and a half weeks since the holiday. So here we go... (Don't worry, Paul, I haven't forgotten about you!)

I've already displayed two of the three unpossible autographs that my dad gave to me, but he also gave me a few other autographs.

I have a small-scale collection of signed Hall of Fame plaque cards, and I specifically try to collect the players and/or executives that have any connection to the Orioles. I don't have them all yet, but I have a majority of the HOFers who have ties to Baltimore.

The only player enshrined as an Oriole who was missing from my collection was Frank Robinson. You might remember that he's not my favorite person, but he was a great player who had some of his greatest years with the Orioles. My dad knew I was still trying to add this plaque card to my collection; it's pretty impressive how he can keep up with my need lists!

He also gave me a few assorted Orioles autographs to add to my collection or trade for something else I need. He knows that it's pretty hard to find any Orioles autographs that I still need. (Bert Hamric anyone?)

There are a very few collectors/bloggers who I have exchanged Christmas cards with over the past few years. Fellow Orioles autograph collector, Pol, is one of those people. This year, I sent him a card with no autographs or cards in it. Big mistake! Because in my card, I found these three signatures. 

The highlight of the three was definitely this Bob Feller signed HOF plaque card. I had a similar one of these but this one seems to be a different version or issue of the plaque card, so it's staying in the collection.

 He also included a cool Jack Fisher signed black and white photo/postcard deal. 

AND an autograph of Tommy John, who I mostly know for having the arm surgery named after him. But it turns that he pitched in the Majors for 26 seasons for six different teams. It certainly seems like the surgery worked for him!

Thank you so much Dad and Pol, I really appreciate the awesome additions to my collection! Merry belated Christmas!

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