Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oriole #763- Ramon Nivar

I profiled Ramon fairly well back in November of 2009, and I don't have too much to add since that time. He has continued to bounce between the affiliated minor leagues and independent league teams, but has yet to return to the Majors since his time with the Orioles in 2005. 

What I did discover about Ramon is that he was the 763rd player to appear in a game for the Orioles when he appeared in his first game with the team on June 3, 2005. And I added this sweet York Revolution signed card to my collection. 

While Ramon is far from the only Oriole to have played with the Independent, Atlantic League franchise in nearby York, PA (Val Majewski and Matt Riley also comes to mind), he is the only former Oriole player whose signed Rev card is currently in my collection. 

(I've mentioned it before and don't like to repeat things too often, but I went to college in York and had my semi-local wedding reception at a Revs game, so the city is full of memories for me.)

The addition of the card above means that this 2003 Leaf Nivar autograph is up for trade. And I don't have much to say for his autograph, but he is very consistent with his signature and the Bible verse inscription. 

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OriolePhan said...

Tike Redman Also Played in York before his Oriole Debut