Friday, December 17, 2010

Unpossible Autograph Friday- RIP Rapid Robert

I don't have much to say that many of you don't already know about Bob Feller. Sadly, he passed away on Wednesday from complications of pneumonia. He was 92 years old, but had remained fairly healthy and active until August when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, he has faced a number of medical problems and the numerous issues became too much for his body to take.

For years, he has been the longest tenured member of the Hall of Fame, having been elected on the first ballot he appeared on in 1962. That means that Bob had been a member of the Hall for almost 50 years when he died. That's amazing. I could be mistaken on this, but I think that Stan Musial (elected in 1969) now becomes the Dean of the HOF electees.

I wish that I had an awesome story as to how I got this HOF postcard signed. So many of you seem to have met and conversed with Bob at some point over the years. Unfortunately, I only starting collecting signed HOF postcards recently and I bought this one off of a fellow collector on a few months ago. I guess that I at least have his autograph in my collection, but it would have been nice to have met such an interesting and historical figure. RIP Bob. 


Dodgerbobble said...

RIP Mr. Feller.

That's nice auto, I wish I had that one.BTW, do you have a Musial auto?

night owl said...

Bobby Doerr is now the oldest HOF electee in terms of players.

Lee MacPhail is the oldest HOFer overall.

Orioles Magic said...

DB- Nope, don't have a Musial yet, but I have a line on one from a local fleamarket dealer.

NO- I believe that you are correct on both counts. But I think Musial has been a member of the HOF for the most years now.