Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Berken's debut, Wieter's impending callup and Millah!

So as I said this has been a big weekend/start of the week for me and the O's. I hope to get in a few posts detailing my trip soon, but it's main purpose was to see Wieters play in Norfolk (Kalina's excellent idea) since we had seen him in Frederick and Bowie. The timing couldn't have been better since Andy McPhail announced during last night's Orioles game that Wieters will be called up and make his O's debut this Friday.
At Sunday's Tides game, Wieters signed for every fan (I would guess it was at least 50) who was lined up by the home dugout. It will be interesting to see if he will continue to accommodate the autograph hounds at the Major League level but I do know that he won't have time to sign for everyone or his hand will fall off.

This is the 2nd Wieters card I got signed (first one was in Frederick)

Jason Berken made his successful major league debut last night, pitching 5 innings to earn the W in his first career start. He started a little rough, allowing 2 doubles and an earned run in the first but settled down after that. His offense picked him up too, scoring twice in the bottom of the fifth to take the lead from the Jays and ensuring that Berky was in the position to get the win. His debut marks the second winning debut for an 08 Bowie starting pitcher, following Brad Bergesen's successful premier back in April, and it looks likely that David Hernandez will be called up from Norfolk for tomorrow's start. That means that 3 of the 5 starting pitchers from Bowie last season will now be in Baltimore's rotation. This also plays right into my autograph project as it's much easier to get these guys to sign at the minor league level.

Interesting note: Berken was signing for fans before his start last night;
this is the first time I have seen a starting pitcher do this. You think he was a little excited?!?

Kalina worked her magic to get Millah to sign at last night's Blue Jays game
It's pretty hilarious to compare the signature on the card to his autograph
I have a hat signed by him too and i don't think he ever does much more than the KM

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