Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Somehow these slipped through the cracks

I had a great autograph day at last Wednesday's Orioles-Rays game and somehow failed to write about it. Better late than never right?

I was able to scratch off two current O's from my list. Adam Eaton was a really nice guy, contrary to what Phillies phans might say, and Robert Andino signed for a bunch of people over the dugout. Unfortunately, neither of these guys have an Orioles card yet but I can't complain.

I was also able to grab an auto from the only former Oriole currently on Tampa's 25 man roster. Lance Cormier was a nice guy who came right over to sign for me; he kind of seemed pleased that somebody was calling out his name as opposed to Upton, Crawford, Longoria, etc. Most middle-relievers are happy to be recognized and are the best signers at games.

Ben Zobrist & Grant Balfour also signed for a bunch of fans. They both seemed like nice guys. And Kalina is a big Balfour fan for reasons I won't mention here; let's just say that they have a cool connection.

Finally, here are two returned TTM requests that I got back in the past week. I think it's interesting how similar these two guys look. Similar hairstyles, both righties; they could almost be the same person! Holdsworth's signature also looks very similar to his on the card and it was nice of him to include a different inscription than I am used to. He told me to "Dream Big"; Thanks Fred!


Unknown said...

Whats there connection???

And i think you should collect Red Sox Auto's, there more fun (and better)!

But nice work on the blog, good recaps of the minor league action too!

zman40 said...

That Holdsworth auto and inscription is great. I had to click on the card just to see which signature was the real one.

Orioles Magic said...

Chris-the only connection is that I got them at an O's-Rays game. Nothing very exciting there, but it's the truth!
The TTMs just needed to be on the blog.

Thanks Zach, I thought it was amazing how similar his autograph and the original looked.