Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Starting the C's

Since it is taking me forever to post the autographs I already have and include posts about the new autos I get or receive; I am going to include less info about each of these guys as I add the scanned card pictures in the blog. I will say something when I feel the need but will mainly list their names and the years they played for the O's.

"D-Cab" Daniel Cabrera 2004-08
Major head case, Overall disappointment, Headhunter, Walk machine

Napoleon Calzado 2005

Paul Carey 1993
I remember getting this in person at an O's game (I guess it was '93) and Paul was really nice
Crazy card too, right? It's like the baseball Matrix!

Joe Carter 1998
People always remember Joe for his '93 World Series winning walkoff HR but I remember
Joe...for that exact same thing...

Carlos Casamiro 2000

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