Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's the best way to prepare glossy cards for autographs?

I'm turning to everyone in the collecting community for help on this one. Since my collection's focus is having players sign cards of themselves in an Orioles uniform and there are some players that only have one or two of those cards, I frequently come across glossy cards that I need to use for autographs.

My current technique has been using a rubber eraser to rub down the card and this seems to remove at least some of the glossy sheen but it's far from foolproof. I have also heard of people using powder (baby?) to prepare the card for signing. I don't know how this would work but have read about it on multiple sites and it seems to do the job.

Do any of you use either of these methods or do you have other thoughts on this? I figure that using a fine sandpaper would remove all of the gloss but would wreak havoc on the card: OK, that was a joke but I do need help with this.

Please comment and leave your ideas or suggestions. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Rod (Padrographs) said...

I found that the baby powder doesn't work all that well. I use a pencil eraser and do it multiple times in both directions and have only had good results.

Anonymous said...

Avoid glossy cards whenever possible. ;)

Seriously, I've had the best success with the eraser method (I use a white vinyl one I found in an art supply store. It doesn't markings behind like the pink rubber ones do -- at least most of the time.)

The baby powder method seems to work just as well, but it's a little messier.

If you are getting your cards signed in person, use a different pen. Sharpies are great, but if you didn't have time to prep your cards most glossy issues can still be signed with a fine point Staedtler marker. Just be aware that they behave strangely if the weather is too cold or damp.

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks guys! Good to know that I seem to be using the most effective and common method. And good suggestion on the different pen Paul, it makes so much sense I don't know how/why I hadn't thought of it. I really appreciate your help guys!