Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm dedicating this post to Kalina who has been saying all along that Nolan was going to make it to the bigs and tear it up (the latter part of her theory hasn't been proven yet but I'm giving her the nod for always supporting him) while I, and the rest of the universe, have been firmly entrenched in Wieters World.

Well Nolan made his major league debut last night and went 1-5. Not great, but it's awesome that he got his first major league hit out of the way in his debut. I'm guessing that he kept that ball.

He had been tearing the cover off the ball all year at AAA Norfolk; batting .394 with 9 homers and 27 RBI in 31 games, so it's pretty obvious why he got the call-up. Now the only question that remains is if he is our permanent left-fielder. That should be figured out this weekend when a roster move has to be made to accommodate Rich Hill's inclusion in the starting rotation.

And of course I'm pumped that Reimold got the promotion since I already have a few autographs from him!

And here's a bonus picture after Nolan hit a grand slam for Bowie in the Eastern League playoffs last year. We were in the front row behind the dugout: almost close enough to return that high-five.

Let's all hope that Reimold has a nice long career and will be playing on a team full of young guns in the next year or two!

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zman40 said...

I got to Reimold go 2-4 in KC last night. Not too shabby. He didn't do any signing, though.