Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saturday Keys game

I'm still playing catch up from the weekend so here are some of the pictures and autographs I got from Saturday's Frederick Keys-Wilmington Blue Rocks game. I went to the game with a bunch of friends for the Wieters bobblehead giveaway. It's his second bobblehead but his first stadium giveaway.

Yes, this is the Wieters bobblehead in front of a picture of Wieters catching in Frederick last year

One of the highlights for me was that Steve Luebber, a one-time Orioles pitcher, was the pitching coach for the Blue Rocks. The only card he has in an O's uniform is from the Crown set and luckily I had to card ready to be signed!
After Steve rejected me, Kalina and our friend Meghan went over to try their luck.
Their female charm did the trick!
I also got my picture with Brian Matusz, who has been a very nice guy and an accommodating signer for all of the fans in Frederick. I would estimate that he signed for 50+ people.

The Keys held up their end with a two-run walk-off single by Dave Cash in the bottom of the ninth. It was a solid game by the Keys!

Here are the autographs I got at the game (along with the Matusz above):

Rowell, Renshaw & Salberg

Tucker, Flagello & Parker

Lebron & Cash

mini Rowell card

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